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We Are Beautiful increases girls self-esteem so they will develop the confidence to begin to visualize their worth in order to achieve their goals.

Building Life Skills

Developing Confidence

Ongoing Mentorship


We Are Beautiful Outreach Programs, Inc was founded by Starshemah Duncan in response to a growing need for mental health and mentorship for young girls and women. The organization is dedicated to building self-esteem and cultivating the beauty within each girl and young woman. Our motto, “Cultivate the Beauty Within,” emphasizes the importance of embracing our unique qualities and accepting our perceived flaws as strengths.

Our programming is designed to assist girls and young women ages 8-18 with building life skills, developing self-confidence, and forming mentorship relationships. We also take a holistic approach, connecting the mind and body to understand how they affect our thoughts and behaviors. Additionally, we will be expanding our services to college-aged women to continue developing their self-perspective and mentoring younger girls as they navigate young adulthood. We will work with schools, community programs, and other agencies to provide our services and support to young girls and women.


We Are Beautiful Summer Program

We Are Beautiful Summer Program is a specialty workshop that provide each girl and young lady with skills to develop and strengthen their confidence to build their self-worth. The workshop will continue to assist each girl and young lady to discover their strengths and perceived flaws while understanding the importance of their role within their community.

We Are Beautiful Self-Esteem Group

We Are Beautiful Self-Esteem Group is 8 sessions based on certificated curriculum. The group provides each participant with the skills and strategies to recognize the value they have, practice establishing positive connections with others, and nurture a growing sense of purpose. The group will be broken into elementary, middle, and high school aged groups.

You Are Beautiful Mentoring Program

You Are Beautiful Mentoring Program is designed for the older young ladies to become a role model for the younger girls and young ladies. The program is offered to the young ladies from the ages of 14 to 18 years old. The mentors will have completed the group, We Are Beautiful Self-Esteem to develop the basic skills to understand how to become more positive and self-aware. The program will be six group sessions to continue to build learned skills and prepare them to mentor the younger girls.

Young Girl Empowerment

Our Young Girl Empowerment Program provided mental health services for elementary to high school aged girls. The program is designed to target and treat various areas of mental health that young girls may face (i.e.., depression, suicidal ideations, and bullying). The program will provide afterschool therapy sessions to help them learn skills to cope with mental health challenges they are facing.

Young Beauties

We Are Beautiful Outreach Programs; Inc will also hold seminars and small classes to teach girls and young women in the community about “Holistic Beauty” by teaching them about their body changes as well as how to properly take care of themselves. We will teach them keys to being healthy and confident in the mind, body, and spirit. Girls will participate in exercises to learn about healthy eating habits. Experts will also be brought in to talk about various Medical and Sexual Education issues that affect girls and how they can remain safe and healthy. We will provide sessions to focus on “Maintaining Good Hygiene.”

Beautiful Inside And Out Self-Identify Initiative

We Are Beautiful Outreach Programs, Inc. will conduct workshops with girl groups in the community, organizations, schools to teach young women how to have a positive self-identity. Female mentors and staff will help with these workshops to share their stories with the girls of how they navigate life ups and downs, what they overcame, and teach them about what it means and how to develop a healthy self-esteem. Workshops topics may include but not limited to: Developing a Healthy Self-esteem, Coping with Brokenness, Moving Past Hurt, Reaching for My Goals, and Working My Gift and Passion.



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Executive Director

Starshemah Duncan, the creator, and founder of We Are Beautiful Outreach Programs, Inc was developed due to the increased need of young girls/women who struggle with their self-esteem and perspective of who they are.  Starshemah developed the group, We Are Beautiful Self-Esteem because of her struggles as a dark-skinned girl it followed her into her adulthood which caused a lack of self-esteem and an inability to see herself fearfully and wonderfully made according to God’s purpose for her life.  

In August 2022, We are Beautiful Outreach Programs, Inc was established out of a growing need to provide quality mental health and mentorships to develop healthy self-esteem. The concept of the organization was based on the motto “Cultivate the Beauty Within” which means to assist each young girl or lady to begin to embrace the beauty within them.  For example, learning to love the qualities or characteristics that make us who we are and accepting what we perceive as flaws or weaknesses restructuring into strengths or beauty that makes us beautiful inside and out.


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